Traffic Chaos at IKEA, or A Storm In A Teacup !


We had been up to York – Monks Cross on Sunday via the ecotricity fast charger at Wetherby services and then the medium CYC chargers at Monks Cross near M&S as that’s where we where shopping. Coming home we decided to drop in at IKEA for a cuppa and a charge. On arrival all three EV slots were in use, An IMiEV using one space and the DC charger, a VW Golf Icing up a slot and another Leaf also using the other DC charger. After getting IKEA to turf the Icer out of the slot I drove in and suddenly realised I couldn’t charge as both the ecotricity ‘pumps’ were in use. Total Gridlock !! yeah right, but this is going to be the future isn’t it ? if you cannot get home to charge you will be at the mercy of queuing for fuel so amusing right now but this could lead to heated arguments about charging times. To top it off my wife noticed the other Leaf was at 97% and off, the owner then swiped his card again to get topped up to 100% and pushed off for another cuppa leaving us high and dry with a 20 minute wait. Very kindly the IMiEV driver unplugged early so we could get some power and nip off for a much needed brew. So the moral of the story is first beat off the Icer’s then beat off the miserable so & so’s who want to hog the pumps …. I wonder if this will change once we have to pay for the privilege of charging or will the Company Car users then hog them as their businesses will be paying the bill ??.
Anyway the lesson has been learned, not all EV’s drivers are your friend !


About stevenbarrett23

I run a telephone & computer supply and maintenance business, mainly VoIP, traditional phone systems & Cloud office systems. I've been with the Company since 1981 so pre-mobiles pre-PC's. We are very keen on reducing our own and other businesses carbon output so we all work from home. The EV is just the next logical step towards being carbon neutral both in business and personally. Your kids will be thanking us for leaving a bit of the Planet for them once we push off !
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2 Responses to Traffic Chaos at IKEA, or A Storm In A Teacup !

  1. Hi Steve,

    I’d suggest you write to Baroness Kramer (head of OLEV / DOT) and let her know… MW

  2. After some thought Martin I’ve dropped the Baroness a note asking which EV she uses, I’ll let you know her reply

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