BMW i3

Its been a few weeks now since my last update but not a lot has happened apart from settling into owning an EV.

BUT we have been discussing the fact that our Volkswagen Golf is up for change as its PCP has only about 6 months to run. So we thought about getting a hybrid as I do need something with more range for work. Oddly enough we were in Leeds shopping and there outside a Hotel was a BMW i3 !. So we had a look around it and decided to visit the Leeds showroom. I called ahead and discovered that according to the salesperson they have P/Xed hundreds of Nissan Leafs for these cars which quickened my pulse no end !. On arrival we shuttled around their car park looking for these legions of Leafs but didn’t see the one, I also didn’t see an EV charging station either so perhaps the Leaf’s and EV chargers are hidden away from the public.

We went in to stare at the i3, outside its not too bad looking but inside is a different matter.  The only way to open the back doors is to open a front door first, great idea in the slashing horizontal Yorkshire rain. Its only made to take 4 people and a really tiny boot space and it has a couple of weird looking pop up panels which I guess are the map and control indicators. It all looks a bit of a mess and I would not fancy trying to clean around these units. The seats were nice but (unlike our Tekna) only half leather. Then came the cost of owning one !!. After our P/X, Nissan’s contribution and the Governments £5k we pay £250.00 per month all in for our top of the range Nissan Tekna. These i3’s come in at OVER £500.00 per month on PCP !!. For that I could buy two Tekna’s, tow one behind the other and double my range !. I think BMW have definitely lost the plot. The idea of having a 2-stroke to top up the batteries is a sound one but then they must have calculated the amount of money the average driver saves on their petrol / diesel bill and added that into their PCP so instead of the Petrol Companies making the profit or the user making a saving BMW are just making a huge profit charging a whopping £6000.00 + per annum for the pleasure of driving a four seater car. Right now the interest rate in the UK is less than one per cent so where do they get off with these levels of interest ?. I have had a huge amount of BMW’s over the years, my dream car was the BMW Convertible which I managed to own back in the day so its not like I’m anti BMW, I’m not, I’m just anti-rip off.

We also took a look at the VW dealership near to home (Halifax) but as of yet they don’t even have an EV charger on site and no-one knows anything about the eGolf that’s about to arrive in June which is unusual especially as they own the Nissan dealership in Halifax, you would have thought someone would have been brought up to speed by now. So the search continues, I need a 200 mile minimum range which right now means a hybrid although I would prefer a fully electric vehicle I guess a petrol assist is going to be the best fix for me right now … unless you know better ??


About stevenbarrett23

I run a telephone & computer supply and maintenance business, mainly VoIP, traditional phone systems & Cloud office systems. I've been with the Company since 1981 so pre-mobiles pre-PC's. We are very keen on reducing our own and other businesses carbon output so we all work from home. The EV is just the next logical step towards being carbon neutral both in business and personally. Your kids will be thanking us for leaving a bit of the Planet for them once we push off !
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2 Responses to BMW i3

  1. Sounds like your waiting for a Tesla ME. Sorry, but I wouldn’t be seen dead in an i3 – it’s such a moose! An i8, sure, if they halved the price, ditched the ICE and upped the range to at least 2 hours at 70 mph (and a bit) m/way driving. I guess I’ll have to stick with the i-miev for now – not that that is a chore. I love it.

    I’m assuming (like me) that an S is just not going to happen for you? Even a ‘used’ one in 6 months? I’d be happy with a 60kWh version but it would have to have the SuperCharger and Tech package @ £55k new… dream on…! MW

    • I would love a Tesla but our second car needs to do the range and cost very little so I’m going to look at the Vauxhall Ampera and see if I can live with that as our ‘distance’ vehicle

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