Inducing range anxiety

Not an ICE car its a NICE car

Not an ICE car

As a rule I’m not allowed to let Evie’s battery get very low; with wife and children in the car it’s more than my life’s worth to get us stranded.  So when the chance came to drive the Leaf on my own to central London and back one evening I couldn’t resist the challenge.  I had half a plan: I knew there was an Ecotricity rapid charger at Fleet Services, but I wasn’t at all sure whether I’d be able to charge near the South Bank. 

Setting off from work in Southampton, I made it comfortably to Fleet and sat in the sunshine for 45 minutes while the car charged.  That left me about 40 miles to go, so I was pretty pleased with myself when I arrived in London with an indicated range of 48 miles left.  Maybe I could make it back to Fleet …

After a thoroughly pleasant evening with…

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I run a telephone & computer supply and maintenance business, mainly VoIP, traditional phone systems & Cloud office systems. I've been with the Company since 1981 so pre-mobiles pre-PC's. We are very keen on reducing our own and other businesses carbon output so we all work from home. The EV is just the next logical step towards being carbon neutral both in business and personally. Your kids will be thanking us for leaving a bit of the Planet for them once we push off !
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