All Quiet on the Western Front

Its been a quiet weekend EVie-wise We had a trip west over to Manchester via IKEA Ashton which has a evotricity fast charger for both Renault and Nissan. Headed over early enough, bit of an issue getting in as the road is closed but managed it in the end. Parked up in the usual two-EV slot area and went off for breakfast and a stare at their store. Suitably loaded down we headed back to a fully charged EV and then headed into Manchester. We parked at the Church Street NCP as they have six EV spots with 7kw chargers (CYC, type 2 connector needed) so it was just a short walk to the Nike shop in the Arndale which was nice.

We didn’t bother with a stop on the way back to Halifax just hit the M62 at junction 22 and headed home, that hill out of Lancashire is a killer on the battery though so I slipped into B mode for the run up to the little house on the prairie and gained a bit of power back. Arrived back home with plenty of Amps so no drama’s. Sunday was all local, shopping, Nissan garage etc so I gave the car a good cleaning and discovered that under the rear door opener where the lights are for the number plate there’s a huge gap ! it looks not quite finished off as you can see all the door workings – very odd !. I have also joined speakev and had quite a few member messages over the weekend, mainly about charging and the state of the public chargers…..I just wish we had some over in West Yorkshire, there’s nothing in Leeds so now we shop at Meadowhall or Manchester, sort of voting with our tyres !. Go going West is good for EV’s hence the title of this post.


About stevenbarrett23

I run a telephone & computer supply and maintenance business, mainly VoIP, traditional phone systems & Cloud office systems. I've been with the Company since 1981 so pre-mobiles pre-PC's. We are very keen on reducing our own and other businesses carbon output so we all work from home. The EV is just the next logical step towards being carbon neutral both in business and personally. Your kids will be thanking us for leaving a bit of the Planet for them once we push off !
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