Carwings or is it Carwrongs ??

For the unknowing the Nissan Leaf comes with remote access to check things like the state of charge, switch your climate control on prior to getting in so its nice and warm, journey logs etc etc. So today as our Evie is off in Bradford and I’m in Halifax I thought I would check out this magic box of tricks. I may as well not have bothered, its a total washout. Absolutely nothing worked, I could not even logon to the car. Eventually I clicked on the ‘talk to us’ button on the Nissan Carwings web site. After an exhaustive gambit of name, address telephone number etc etc I was finally allowed to ask why it wasn’t working. I got a load of techno babble which fortunately is food and drink to me, The car is logging onto the UK mobile network and it should be on the French network was one, I’m using the wrong browser was another. Hey why not tell us upfront the program is flaky, the compilation is shabby but eventually you will fix it instead of all the bull and blabber. Anyway I waited whilst they ‘reset the SIM card’ and guess what, yes its still the same !. I tried the contact via text thing again in the afternoon and had to do all the security stuff again. If I’m logged into my car then why do they need all my info again ?. After much more jabber I gave up. Oddly enough I can now see the state of the battery but climate control, car journeys etc do not work. If this was a TV or a non performing laptop it would be back at the shop for a full refund by now, very annoying worthless add-on to what is basically a great car and an even greater concept, its just a pity the technical department is so poor, it felt very 1984ish, the Ministry of Truth tells the biggest porky’s and so it seems does this particular department. I looked on the Nissan Leaf unofficial forum and can see masses of complaints all in a similar vein so if you are buying a Leaf don’t expect a lot out of the Carwings … yet ! Just remember the car is fab this add on isn’t.


About stevenbarrett23

I run a telephone & computer supply and maintenance business, mainly VoIP, traditional phone systems & Cloud office systems. I've been with the Company since 1981 so pre-mobiles pre-PC's. We are very keen on reducing our own and other businesses carbon output so we all work from home. The EV is just the next logical step towards being carbon neutral both in business and personally. Your kids will be thanking us for leaving a bit of the Planet for them once we push off !
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