Sundays Child

After a night sat in our garage charging up via the supplied 13 amp lead, very handy (the Zoe doesnt have this and according to the Renault salesman will never have this type of connector). On Sunday off we went in the general direction of Meadowhall as again we had checked and discovered they have chargers available. M62 onto the M1 then into Woolley Edge services. Woolley Edge is a completely different animal to Birch Services, they have Ecotricity chargers both North & South with special bays for EV’s only. Using the Ecoltricity’s p

lug & lead I soon had the car attached and swiped the magic Nissan card to make the machine ‘vend’….Nothing, not a sausage, so I called the number on the box and a really knowledgeable  bloke told me that Nissan should have given me an Ecotricity

card !. So everything slotted into place thats why we failed to charge at Trafford, the wrong flippin card!. The Ecotricity

man said its not an issue he would just turn the charger on remotely. I asked how much it would cost, answer was nothing. I asked how much an RFID card cost, answer was nothing, it seems they produce green energy and give some back to EV users for free  and have no plans to charge in the forseeable future, they get my vote !. So fully charged we went to Meadowhall. On arrival we went to Area 7 (not 51!) Passed through the barrier and plugged into a 13 amp supply using the cars home charger lead again. Meadowhall like Trafford are all geared up for EV’s although you pay for a CYC card to uset Trafford’s chargers its free to charge at Meadowhall (unlike Birstall Retail Park but more about that later). We arrived back at Nissan Halifax in the afternoon after a lovely day out and a fabulous experience mainly due to the Eco bloke and their unusual Company. I like the idea that we ran the car on renewable energy so our trip was zero emission and zero carbon footprint, nice one Ecotricity long may you reign. It was really the experience of not being ripped off  by Ecotricity that tipped the scales towards buying an EV……


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I run a telephone & computer supply and maintenance business, mainly VoIP, traditional phone systems & Cloud office systems. I've been with the Company since 1981 so pre-mobiles pre-PC's. We are very keen on reducing our own and other businesses carbon output so we all work from home. The EV is just the next logical step towards being carbon neutral both in business and personally. Your kids will be thanking us for leaving a bit of the Planet for them once we push off !
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